About the Book

THE COMETS OF GOD examines the Bible’s scriptures in light of the advancements in archeology, history, linguistics, geology and astronomy that open the door to understanding and appreciating the amazing scientific information in the Bible.

“What is our response to the reality that the Bible contains undeniably complex scientific information about our world and galaxy that our brightest scientists have only begun to recognize in the last half century?”

While this book was being written, two impact craters dating to Biblical times were discovered. The craters provide physical evidence that support Goodman’s fresh understanding of the Bible’s stories of catastrophe. THE COMETS OF GOD is the first book to connect specific Bible stories to important astronomical events.

For example, many believe that 40 days of rain caused Noah’s Flood. However, Goodman shows that the Bible specifically says that a comet impact caused the Flood! A cometary cause for the ancient Flood is now supported by a number of scientists. The headline of a 2008 History Channel documentary read, "The cause of the Biblical Great Flood may have been a massive three-mile wide comet that crashed in the Indian Ocean 4800 years ago."

THE COMETS OF GOD also deals with the catastrophes the Bible sees for the future. While scores of books have been written about the Bible’s end-times prophecies, this is the first book to present scientific explanations for the catastrophic events prophesied in the Bible. Many prophetic passages suddenly make sense in terms of scientific reality once we recognize that much of Revelation’s mysterious imagery is describing different types of comet impact.

THE COMETS OF GOD presents the first logically-based analysis to bring the Bible and science into alignment regarding the Earth’s catastrophic past and its future.


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